NRP Joins "Day of Action Against Antisemitism" in Response to Antisemitic Attacks

May 26, 2021

It is with a heavy heart that I am once again writing to denounce hateful acts committed against minorities in our country. In recent weeks, reports of antisemitic attacks against Jewish people in U.S. streets and online have surged. According to the Anti-Defamation League, there has been an increase of nearly 50% in antisemitic incidents in the U.S. compared to just one week previously. These incidents have included assaults on Jewish diners at a Los Angeles restaurant, a man brutally beaten in Times Square in New York for wearing a yarmulke (i.e., a Jewish head covering), vandalized synagogues and many more.

As many of you are aware, the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians has been in the news frequently during the past few weeks. It is not my intention to comment on the politics of that region. This is a deep-rooted issue that dates back centuries. However, antisemitism or hate against any religious or ethnic group should never be confused with activism. One of the greatest features of our democracy is the ability to debate domestic and international affairs openly and vigorously, as well as the role America should play in the world. However, when public discourse spills over into broad generalizations about a group of people, we lose our sense of the individuality of each human being and start down a road of prejudice, dehumanization, and hate. As a company of people dedicated to a set of core values, we should recognize that kind of bias and intolerance as something to be rejected wholeheartedly.

Antisemitism has a long and ugly history in our country and around the world, and it is our belief that hate and discrimination in all forms cannot be tolerated. On a personal note, it is uncomfortable for me to send this message, which is the company’s response to acts of hate against a group of which I am a part. It is a reminder of the pernicious way in which hate divides, distracts, and isolates us from each other. We all deserve to work, spend time with loved ones, and pursue our individual interests and passions free from the worry that we will encounter discrimination based on our appearance, national background, sexual identity or religion. I look forward to the day when messages like this will become unnecessary.

 At NRP, we remain committed to our core values of respecting others regardless of background and belief. We feel it is our responsibility to speak out about these heinous acts of violence and discrimination in an effort to drive a more inclusive culture.

Tomorrow is recognized as the “Day of Action Against Antisemitism,” and we encourage you to join us in this moment of activism by speaking out in your spheres of influence and continuing our collective journey toward diversity, equity and inclusion awareness.


J. David Heller
Principal, Founder, CEO
The NRP Group

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