NRP Responds to the Tragic Events in Atlanta

March 19, 2021

The NRP Group stands with the Asian American community during this time of heightened violence that has culminated in the tragic murder of Asian Americans in Atlanta this week. Our prayers go out to all those affected by this terrible and senseless tragedy, and to the Asian community overall who is forced to live under this dark cloud of abject fear.

Whether or not this incident is at some point defined as a hate crime, it comes during a well-documented surge in hate crimes against Asian Americans. In that light, as we continue our journey towards racial diversity, equity and inclusion, we are reminded that denigrating one of us denigrates all of us. We rise and fall together. Let us also be reminded in the context of these tragic and unnecessary events that words matter. Words shape thoughts, thoughts shape emotion, and emotion leads to action.

As such, we each have the responsibility to look within ourselves to ensure that the words we use reflect the values and outcomes we seek in the world – like diversity, equity and inclusion, and the basic value of human life itself -- both in the public forum and in the private recesses of our day-to-day lives. Words Matter. A lot.

Whether we talk about the 400-year struggle of the black experience in America, or the deep-seeded xenophobia brought to the surface by misguided blame from a 2020 pandemic, we stand with those who struggle to operate on a level playing field where everyone has a chance to live unchecked and unblocked by racism and hate and barriers to hopes, dreams, and in this case, even their lives.

Our thoughts and prayers are with our Asian brothers and sisters, and regardless of the legal categorization of this particular incident, let us recognize the broader context of the hateful thoughts and words driving the larger trend of violence, and let us soundly reject it by recommitting each day to the infinite possibilities of hope, inclusion and love in all aspects of our public and private lives.
J. David Heller
CEO & Founder
The NRP Group

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