NRP then and now. Here’s our story.

The NRP Group was founded in 1994 with a clear goal: to develop, construct and own apartment communities that support residents’ lifestyles and give them homes they can be proud of.

Since then, our growth has been exponential. We’ve developed and constructed well over 27,000 residential units in 13 states; we now manage more than 100 properties – encompassing 16,000 luxury, family and senior rental units – in 8 states.


These are the values that every one of us believes in and does business by. They’re simple, they make sense and they’ve served us well.

Noteworthy News
November, 2018

Despite growing economic uncertainty surrounding global trade and a record-long expansion, the commercial real estate sector is maintaining steady growth.

November, 2018

The lesson I’ve learned over the years is to hire and retain only A+ talent, which, in our organization, means high-potential performers, and grant them a tremendous amount of autonomy. Those kinds of professionals, at every level of the organization, thrive in the environment we’ve cultivated, while B players and C players drag down colleagues.

October, 2018

The crowded multifamily pipeline in Jersey City just got even busier. The NRP Group, a vertically integrated developer based in Cleveland, has broken ground on a 131-unit apartment building at 39 New York Ave. in the Coles Street Park neighborhood. The area sits between the Heights neighborhood and the border between Jersey City and Hoboken.

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