Become a NRP Management LLC Vendor

Visit our NRP Communities website to search for apartments by location and type.

  • If you wish to service a specific property, you should contact that community directly. In most cases, new vendors are chosen directly by the properties.
  • If you wish to service a regional area, contact the regional office closest to you. View the NRP Offices.
  • If you are able to service our entire portfolio and wish to establish a national agreement, contact us.
Goods and Services Limitations

Please note the following categories are not open to new vendors at this time. These include appliance sales and rentals, maintenance supplies, flooring, paint supplies, office supplies, waste services, pest control services, furniture rental services, fitness equipment, filtered water, data destruction, computer supplies, utility billing, resident and employee screening services, collections services, payroll services, copier sales and leasing.

If you have been selected as a new vendor to perform work for a community, or region you must agree to our Vendor Management Program. View vendor requirements for NRP Management LLC. If you agree to these requirements and wish to continue the setup process for new vendors, you may follow the steps below.

Important: Vendors are not allowed to begin performing work for our communities until all the steps below are complete as payment may be delayed.

  • An invitation will be sent to the contact person’s email address from RealPage Vendor Credentialing. Follow the directions in the email to being stage one of the application process.
  • If your application is approved, you will be invited to complete stage two of the process where you will be prompted to upload your required documentation and pay any related fees. RealPage Vendor Credentialing will review the documentation and contact the vendor via email as necessary for any further required information. If assistance is needed with the RealPage Vendor Credentialing process, please contact RealPage Vendor Credentialing.
  • An email from RealPage Vendor Credentialing will be sent informing the vendor contact of the vendor status.
  • Congratulations! You are now approved. As an NRP Management LLC vendor, we look forward to this business relationship.

Vendor Café



Property Management Vendor Requirements
To be considered as a vendor with NRP Management LLC, vendors who perform work at the property level must comply with the Vendor Management Program (VMP) and are required to register with RealPage Vendor Credentialing. Vendors must obtain and maintain an approved vendor status to conduct business on any NRP property.
RealPage Vendor Credentialing

RealPage Vendor Credentialing is a supplier credentialing service that manages annual background screenings, insurance tracking, and license verifications for NRP Management LLC communities. It allows NRP Management LLC to collaborate with vendors by providing a seamless one-step qualification process. Once approved through RealPage Vendor Credentialing, vendors will be able to bid contracted work throughout NRP’s national property portfolio.

Vendor Steps:
  • Pay an annual fee directly to RealPage Vendor Credentialing*.
  • Submit a current W-9 form.
  • Sign a vendor agreement.
  • Pass a company and principal owner background check.
  • Have adequate insurance coverage depending on your industry code.
  • Have the correct additional insured language on your certificate of insurance.
  • Provide appropriate endorsements.
  • Submit all contractor licenses.

Download Insurance Requirements. The Insurance Information Document provides insurance limits by service risk level and required additional insured language. Please download the Service Risk Rating document to see which risk rating applies to specific services.

NRP Management LLC Approved Vendor

Once RealPage Vendor Credentialing has approved the vendor, they will become a NRP Management LLC approved vendor. Vendors are required annually to maintain adequate insurance coverage and submit an annual fee to RealPage Vendor Credentialing* in order to maintain an approved status. Failing to keep an approved status in RealPage Vendor Credentialing may result in delayed payments, cancellation of further services, and removal from the NRP Management LLC Approved Vendor list.

*Note: The cost for vendors associated with the enrollment of RealPage Vendor Credentialing cannot be billed back to the properties.

Save Money and Get Paid Faster
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NRP Management now requires new vendor invoice processing to go through VENDORCafé, a cost-efficient, secure and effective way to process and manage business with your clients. Provided by Yardi systems, VENDORCafé is a free online and mobile vendor portal that allows you to view purchase and work order status, view invoice status, in real time and submit invoices electronically. Eliminate printing paper invoices, postage costs and time spent correcting errors.

Here's how it works:

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This service is free to VENDORCafé vendors.

In addition, you receive:

  • Access to the vendor support team
  • Library of FAQs and video tutorials



Phone: 1-888-251-8210

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • How do I get on your Preferred Vendor List?
    NRP Management LLC does not have a Preferred Vendor List. However, when selecting new vendors, our properties do look at our list of approved vendors first. For information on how to become an approved vendor with NRP Management LLC, click here.
  • What are the requirements, including insurance limits, to work for NRP Management LLC?
    To be an approved vendor for NRP Management LLC, vendors must comply with our Vendor Management Program. Click here to visit the requirements page for details.
  • What properties does NRP Management LLC manage in my area?
    Visit our communities to search for apartments by location and type.
  • How do I bid for services in my area?
    Services and vendors are generally selected by the individual properties or occasionally by a regional manager. If you would like to service an individual property, you should contact the property directly. If you wish to service a specific geographic area, you should contact the regional office closest to you. View our Offices.
  • How do I become a national vendor for NRP Management LLC?
    If your company has the ability to service our entire portfolio and you would like to inquire about a national agreement, contact us. If we are in need of your services, you will be contacted by our corporate office.
  • I called RealPage Vendor Credentialing and they told me I could not register with NRP Management LLC, now what?
    To be added to The NRP Management LLC in RealPage Vendor Credentialing, you must contact the community manager or regional manager where you would like to provide services.
  • I'm currently enrolled with RealPage Vendor Credentialing for NRP Management LLC. Will I be notified when my insurance certificate or membership dues are set to expire?
    Yes. RealPage Vendor Credentialing will notify you prior to the expiration dates. However, should you let either lapse into an expired status, your RealPage Vendor Credentialing account will move to a "denied" status and payment for services rendered may be delayed.
  • I am already registered with RealPage Vendor Credentialing. How can I do business with NRP Management LLC?
    Contact the community manager and/or regional manager to assist you in this process.
  • Can I receive a waiver for NRP Management LLC’s vendor requirements?
    Due to NRP Management LLC’s insurance requirements, we are unable to waive any vendor requirements.
  • Can I do work on an NRP community without being approved through RealPage Vendor Credentialing?
    Unfortunately, this is not an option NRP Management LLC provides. No work should be started on an NRP property without being approved by RealPage Vendor Credentialing. Doing so could forfeit or delay payment for services rendered.
Vendor Support
NRP Property Operations

For information to register a new account, or national account.


Phone: 844.677.0002 Ext 1870

RealPage Vendor Credentialing

For information on logging into your account, document review status, or insurance requirements, contact:


Phone: 888.493.6938

Vendor Café

For information to register a new account.


Phone: 844.677.0002 Ext 1870

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